The Holidays are coming, and they coincide with class or labs.😨

Drexel Policy allows for religious accommodations!
Here is a template to send your professor


Dear Professor -----------,


I am enrolled in your course (course number), which coincides with the following Holiday:

Rosh Hashanah  Sept. 25- 27. 

Yom Kippur  Oct. 4-5. 

I am writing to request that you make accommodations for my religious observance in accordance with the University policy linked here

Meeting the the requirements of this course is important to me, and I'd like to discuss making alternate arrangements while still observing my heritage. 

I look forward to exploring the possibilities. 

If you have any questions about this, feel free to contact Rabbi Chaim Goldstein, Chabad Rabbi and campus chaplain, [email protected], 215-278-5735.

Thank you in advance for accommodating my request.