Ukraine Summer Trip 2018!

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WHO:  Jewish Students at Drexel University (Possibly students at other universities as well.)

(A maximum of 14 students will be accepted for this incredible opportunity!)

WHAT:   This coming SummerBreak, a group of Drexel University students have organized a volunteer trip to Odessa, Ukraine  It will be a great combination of meaningful volunteer work with a local Jewish community and Summer break vacation.

This is an excellent opportunity to visit Odessa, connecting and strengthening the bond with Jews from across the world.

The trip includes but is not limited to:

• Helping and working with the Jewish Community 

• Volunteering in the Mishpacha Orphanage

• Site seeing

• Celebrating a Shabbat with the Odessacommunity

• Spending time with local and international university students.


  The Goals of ASB Ukraine (not limited to):

• Building Character and a vital sense of community and responsibility

• Networking with Jews from across the globe in Odessa

• Forging strong ties between the American and Ukrainian Jewish communities

• Learning about Ukrainian Jewry and its history.

• Meet and spend time with University students from around the world.

• Bonding and creating memories with fellow Drexel University students.

• Having fun!


WHEN: Sunday, June 17- Sunday, March 24, 2018

COST:  $1,000 + All participants are required to raise an additional $1,000 towards our volunteer efforts.

Assistance with fundraising information will be provided by the ASB committee.

Valid Passports for up to six months after expiration are required for ASB Ukraine


To be considered for this once in a lifetime opportunity, please fill out this on-line application and provide thoughtful yet brief answers to the following questions…

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