"I went on the meal plan, and it's been really convenient to have Kosher food on campus that I could eat, that's really good, because Moussia is the best cook in the world!" - Aviva Gomberg '17

We're happy to announce that there is a Kosher dinner option available for Drexel Students*.

Meals are offered Monday through Thursday at the Chabad House 3507 Baring st.
You are welcome to enjoy your meals at the Chabad House, or pick them up to go.

Suggested donation per meal is $15.00. ($60 per week).There are various sign up options: You can choose per term  (i.e. all Mondays and Wednesdays for the term) or per each week.
Please make the payments at www.jewishdragon.com/donate and put "meal plan" in the notes with the amount of weeks/meals.

This meal plan is for YOU, to allow you to have a tasty, kosher option while attending Drexel. If you have any questions, concerns, or diet specifications, please contact Moussia so we can work out how to best accommodate you.

For more info please call 215.995.2232 or email moussiagoldstein@gmail.com
Wondering how you can be released from the Drexel meal plan? See this quote from the Drexel Website: "Resident Students who keep a strict kosher diet and wish to be released from the required dining plan must contact Retail Management at 215.895.6187 prior to the beginning of the term."

    During my first two terms at Drexel, I made the rookie mistake of not signing up for the Chabad meal plan. Instead, I decided to survive on a nutritionally questionable diet of pizza and candy bars. It wasn’t until joining the kosher meal plan at Chabad that I realized how much I actually missed eating actual food [especially meat] during the week. Instead of making a pilgrimage off campus, Jewish Drexel students now have access to delicious and filling kosher meals at their local Chabad house, a great place to hang once you’re done eating. With a combination of food, friends, and Judaism you can’t go wrong!

-Josh Weiss

    College can be a very stressful environment especially for an observant Jew. However, knowing that I can depend on Chabad to provide a great kosher meal and a place where I can hang out with my best friends really relieves some of the stress.

–Stephanie Sussman

    Moussia knows exactly what I like and what I don’t like. She always makes sure I have something to eat

–Leora Rychik

    I’m so happy I signed up for the meal plan, it’s so much easier to walk the short distance to Chabad for a hot full course meal. Being a student takes up a lot of your time and having to worry about food on top of it is very stressful. Now I take a much needed break at night to eat a delicious and nutritious meal and socialize with friends. I’m much happier, less stressed, and still keep on top of my work.”

–Shy Wasserman

    The Chabad meal plan is the most reliable source for kosher dinner on campus. Homemade hot meals and soup are available everyday. Whether it is Moussia's palatable pepper steak, savory schnitzel, or a tasty Taco Tuesday, Chabad is the place to be for every dinner. Beyond the great food is a family dinner setting, the perfect way to unwind from a long busy day at Drexel and catch up with friends.

-Aaron Berk

*This meal plan is provided by the Chabad House and has no affiliation with Drexel University or Drexel dining services.